Jo Daviess County: Sharing Knowledge and Experience

JDCF partnered with civic organizations and other local nonprofits, sharing best philanthropic practices for successful fundraising.

10420766_647412842041196_5055201067370678048_n(1)City of Galena and Gateway Park

In 2010, JDCF raised $1.4 million from community members to purchase the land for Gateway Park, which it then gifted to the City of Galena. The preserve sat idle until the Philanthropic Tools process began in 2014.

In 2015, JDCF began meeting with City of Galena officials and a committed group of volunteers who were motivated to make Gateway Park a true community asset. Since then, JDCF has led the effort to establish public amenities at Gateway Park through a fundraising campaign that launched in the spring of 2016.

10462615_614759228639891_6723750063916441562_n(1)Village of Hanover and Wapella Land and Water Reserve

Another result of Philanthropic Tools has been the formation of a new partnership between JDCF, the Village of Hanover and the Friends of the Wapello Land and Water Reserve. The trio has worked together on a variety of projects to help maintain the reserve. Thanks to the shared fundraising knowledge from JDCF, progress is being made towards building a new visitor center at the reserve, which will promote education and conservation efforts.