Monticello: Tools


Coloring page (PDF)
Used to gather stories from elementary students

Monthly communication plan (sample) (DOCX)
Updated each month to ensure that all communication was taking place as scheduled

FAQ – Monticello (DOCX)
Used by the Community Foundation staff and core team to address common questions about the process

H&S Flyer (PUB)
Basic communication tool to spread the word and raise awareness in the community

Letter to the Editor Toolkit (DOCX)
Template prepared to make it easier for the core team to spread the word through the local paper about H&S and associated events

MH&S snapshot (PDF)
Mini photo album showing different parts of the H&S project to be used when meeting with stakeholders, funders, etc.

Monticello H&S website map (PDF)
Diagram used as a template for the H&S website

News release sample (DOCX)
Example of the types of news releases that were sent to the local newspaper each week and subsequently posted on the MH&S website, Facebook page, etc.

Social media placard (DOCX)
Used to collect stories and ideas at events. Participants would fill it out and then be photographed holding it

H&S two-pager (PDF)
Overview of the Heart & Soul steps and how the process unfolds

What is Heart & Soul? (PDF)
Narrative about Heart & Soul providing background and info about how it impacts communities

Board flyer – script (PDF)
Quick tool to provide info that board members or other advocates can use to talk with potential partners

Heart & Soul results handout (PDF)
Summary of H&S results and impacts from other communities around the country

Meeting reply card (PDF)
Tool used to capture contact information from potential community partners in building the regional H&S network

Presentation for Community Foundation boards

Overview of the H&S process and ideas about how foundations can support communities that want to get involved


Event Planning Worksheet (DOCX)
Detailed listing of the jobs and assignments for the first major event planned by the H&S team

Celebrate Monticello! Flyers (PDF)
Publicity tools distributed widely throughout town to publicize the event

Publicity Plan (PDF)
List of the tasks, deadlines and assignments for the core team covering the many different methods being used to spread the word about the first major event


Demographic survey (PDF)
Used to capture basic demographics at any event to ensure outreach to a broad segment of the community

Network Activity (DOCX)
Outline of the activity used to generate ideas and connections with the various groups of people who live in Monticello

Network Brainstorm (DOCX)
Results of the community network analysis activity used to understand who lives in the community and what voices need to be heard within the process

Community Survey (PDF)
Survey was distributed via email and hard copy to various audiences to collect baseline data about demographics and attitudes about Monticello