Jackson County: Tools

Assurance Template (DOCX)
In an effort to begin identifying the priorities for School Readiness, Attendance and Summer Learning, each Steering Committee member was asked to complete the assurance template, which would then be used for mapping out the Community Solutions Action Plan. Committee members were then broken up into groups and asked to develop goals for year one, year two and long-term.

Jackson County CSAP (PDF)
The complete Community Solutions Action Plan (CSAP) addresses the three underlying focus areas that keep children, especially those from low-income families, from reading proficiently: School Readiness, School Attendance, and Summer Learning. The Jackson County Grade-Level Reading Steering Committee has developed goals and action steps for each of these Community Solutions Focus Areas. The CSAP will be the roadmap for the next three years. Committee members will make adjustments along the way and use data to monitor progress.

Book Lists (PDF)
Reading with your child starting at birth fosters a love of books and reading right from the start. These tips and recommended book lists, provided by Reading Rockets, offer fun ways to help parents encourage a love of reading while helping their children to develop confidence.

Read 20 Daily (PDF)
Read 20 Daily is a tool used by community partners to visually communicate the disparities between children who have been read to or read a minimum of 20 minutes per day compared to those who are only exposed to a few minutes per day. The impact greatly impacts vocabulary and speech development, which have a significant impact on their ability to read at grade level in later years.

Summer Learning – Summer Slide Video

Students from low-income communities lose an average of more than two months in reading achievement over the summer months while their middle-income peers tend to make gains. Without exposure to learning opportunities during the summer, by the time a student completes fifth grade, he or she may be as much as two grade levels behind. This video illustrates this disparity visually and is used for awareness building within the community.

Statisticks Lottery Video

The national Campaign for Grade-Level Reading and its 200+ partner communities are dedicated to narrowing the gap between children from low-income families and their more affluent peers. This video shows why that gap occurs and how we can close it.