Harpers Ferry: Tools

Business Development

Business Planning Guide
For those thinking of starting a business

Community Brochure (Coming Soon)
To drive tourism and business to Harpers Ferry and the surrounding area

Community Visioning

Harper’s Ferry Community Visioning Outline
Framed steps toward meaningful, community-based change

Harpers Ferry Vision for our Future Conversations Script
Used by local coaches to engage listening session participants

Community Listening Sessions Questions
Shared at listening sessions and online for those who couldn’t attend

Survey Increasing Year Round Residents Results
Based on local survey response

Senior House Needs Assessment
Surveyed local interest in senior housing

Capital Campaigns/Fundraising

Harpers Ferry Family Splash Zone Guidelines for Capital Campaigns for Community Projects
Shared best practices for launching successful capital campaigns

Splash Pad Capital Campaign Mailer
Promoted capital campaign for a new splash pad


Mayor’s Dinner Flyers, Posters, and Lawn Signs

Posted in key locations to promote attendance at community event

Harpers Hub Tri-fold
Examples of table tents posted at locations around town to share upcoming community events and news


June 11 Mayor’s Dinner Checklist and Agenda
Event planning checklist

Vision for our Future Placemat
Shared community conversations results to drive discussion at Mayor’s Dinner


Harpers Ferry Family Splash Zone
Successful $20,000 grant application to leverage funding for community splashpad

Lessons Learned
Ways to make an exceptional proposal based on local experience