Harpers Ferry: The Survey

Residents of Harpers Ferry were asked to respond to the following questions online and at six Community Conversation events:

What is the biggest strength of Harpers Ferry?
What are the three most significant accomplishments of the Harpers Ferry community in the past 15 years?
If you could change one thing about Harpers Ferry today, what would it be?
What is the biggest challenge the Harpers Ferry community faces ?
What do you think the Harpers Ferry community priority should be for the next three years?
What would your dream be for the Harpers Ferry community?
Every community has pains (rising at-risk youth or need for economic development) and passions (the desire for a new community center or a youth section in the town library). Take a moment and write your community’s pains and passions. Then open up for group discussion.

At the Mayor’s Dinner on June 11, 2015, focus groups formed around the four themes that rose to the top based on these community surveys:


Young Families

  • Developed concept for Splash Park
  • Presented plans to the City Council for approval
  • Wrote successful grant for $20K to start the project
  • Created and began to implement fundraising plan

buisinessSmall Business and Jobs

  • Worked together with to create a community-wide brochure

touristsServing Tourists

  • Collaborated with Harpers Ferry Heritage Society to acquire historic school house and the donation of land

housingPermanent Residents

  • Completed a community survey around senior housing needs.
  • Researched options and toured senior housing sites.

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