Edgewood: Tools

City Council Presentation
Includes an overview of the Healthy & Vibrant Edgewood project, role of the USDA grant, introduction to the project team and an outline of the project process

Dynamic Sustainable Edgewood Plan
Informed the needs assessment; includes forecasts for housing, business development and recreation as well as a list of community assets and resources

Edgewood Placemat
Offers a snapshot of community needs assessment; used at community engagement event

Survey Results PowerPoint
Includes a review of the results from the 2015 Edgewood Community Survey, which was distributed to a sample size of 388 households and resulted in a return rate of 48% or 205 responses.

Edgewood Survey Design
Developed with input from the University of Northern Iowa, Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque, Edgewood Economic Development and Insite Design Solutions, this survey was shared with Edgewood households as part of the community needs assessment process.

November 5 Presentation
Results from the community needs assessment and demographics and trend report were shared with 65 residents in Edgewood. Participants reflected on the data and broke into small groups for facilitated conversations about trail and aquatic development for the community.

October 12 Presentation
Shared with the city council and school board, this presentation included highlights from the community survey, input sessions and stakeholder interviews, and outlined next steps.

Final Report
Edgewood Economic Development worked with the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque and Insite Design Solutions to complete a community input process to further support the three-year plan for a Healthy and Vibrant Edgewood. The purpose of this report is to identify the needs and priorities for Edgewood and determine next steps for capital improvements. The process included extensive reliance on resident input. This report includes results from community input, a community survey and a demographics and trend report.

Demographics and Trend Report
The following tools were used to develop an overall analysis of the demographics of Edgewood, local recreation trends compared to national trends and potential spending trends by 2020. These reports were obtained from Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc., the 2010 U.S. Bureau of the Census, and the Sports, Fitness & Leisure Activities Topline Participation Report (2015) developed by The Sports and Fitness Industry Association.

Healthy Dynamic Edgewood Plan 20-Year Vision
This 20-Year Vision was based on input from focus groups, stakeholder interviews and the community needs assessment.